Our Monkey Mission

We are in business to save monkeys! (and of course, make delicious tea). Our goal is to use our business, our voice, and our community to bring awareness of critically endangered species and foster action to help save them.

Tea Blending Philosophy

Each tea blend is carefully crafted to provide you with a great cup of healthy tea. We only use natural ingredients to flavor our teas, we never use extracts or artificial ingredients. As a result, the flavors and aromas are more subtle and balanced. The goal is to ensure that no one ingredient overpowers the other and to maximize the health benefits of the ingredients. We are constantly striving to create blends our customers love, and we welcome your feedback.

Our Core Values

We promise to make healthy tea that tastes delicious! We use all-natural ingredients that are known to help decrease stress and inflammation, combat fatigue and calm your mind. We care about quality and use organic, non-GMO, fair-trade and kosher certified ingredients in our tea blends.

Image Credit: Crested Black Macaque © Caspian Johnson.

We carefully select vendors to ensure that our ingredients are sustainably grown and ethically harvested. To eliminate package waste, we do not individually bag our teas. We provide our tea blends as loose-leaf teas which are not only more environmentally friendly but also provides you with a higher quality cup of tea. In addition, we package our products in recycled and eco-friendly packaging. We are constantly striving to make all of our processes greener and will continue to do so as we grow.

Conservation is at the heart of our mission. We are in business to save monkeys! To help further that mission we provide educational and fun workshops about tea and conservation. In addition, we provide free educational materials and resources on critically endangered monkeys and other species.

We are more powerful when we work together! That is why we donate a portion of our sales to help support nonprofit organizations focused on conservation efforts of endangered species. Every time you buy one of our products, you are helping save endangered species. So let’s Drink Tea and Save Monkeys together!

Our Motto: Drink Tea & Save Monkeys!

The meaning behind the name

The Zaru name was inspired by the four wise monkeys. Yep, there are actually four. The well known three monkeys are Mizaru, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, who hears no evil and Iwazaru, who speaks no evil. The often forgotten fourth monkey is Shizaru, who symbolizes the principle of do no evil. Their names are a pun on the word “saru” the Japanese word for monkey.

Dollars Donated

  • Funds given to 1% for the Planet & affiliated nonprofits

Product Development Principles

Creation Focus

We consider 3 things when we create a product:
  1. Is it good for you?
  2. Is it sustainable and ethically harvested?
  3. Will it further our goal to save endangered species?
We hope you enjoy our tea creations and learn a bit about monkeys in the process!