No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…

When I started Zaru Tea as a passion project it was to make healthy tea and save monkeys. The response from people ordering has been wonderful and I have already donated money from the sale of our products to help save endangered species – and I will continue that mission. But in light of what is happening in our county, I want to do more, even if it’s a small gesture…

It’s heartbreaking to see what our nation is faced with right now. We are fighting a viral pandemic and a racial one as well. I’ve struggled with what I can do as a member of our society and as a small business owner to help. I feel a bit helpless because the company is so young, we do not have millions of dollars to give, and because our household has also been hit with job loss due to Covid-19.

But those should not be reasons to sit back and be idle. Because I have seen how even small gestures can help, one person or one company can make a difference, and if we can manage to help in some small way, maybe it can inspire others to help as well.

So from now until the end of September, we will donate 10% of all tea sales to two nonprofits. 5% to one that supports fighting Covid-19 and 5% to one that helps fight racial injustice in this country. In addition, we will make a personal donation of $1000.

I wish it could be more, but it is all we can do at this time.

We have a few nonprofits in mind, but we are also asking our customers and followers to recommend needy nonprofits based in the US. Please message us with your recommendations. They must be legitimate nonprofits, and have a strong financial, transparency, and accountability record.

Thank you all for your support, and let’s remember if we all do our part, we can beat this pandemic and do not let the political noise detract from the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tina Indalecio
Founder / Tea Blender
Zaru Tea
Drink Tea and Save Monkeys!